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GWO First Aid (FA)


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Course Summary

The GWO-approved BST First Aid course is a 1 day course which must be undertaken by individuals who will be traveling to both on and offshore Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) This BST Module validates the participants first aid training for 2 years.

Duration: 1 Day

Start Time: 07:00 AM



Course Code:



2 Years

Please Note: Due to the physical demands on the course, it is the responsibility of the employer and participant to pre-determine the participant’s ability to safety attend the course.

GWO FIRST AID training in Houston, Texas & Houma, Louisiana

Learning Outcomes


Assessment Method: Direct Observation/Oral Questioning (as appropriate)

  1.  Move a “casualty” by yourself and with 1 other First Aider’s assistance
  2.  Demonstrate managing an incident (efficient 1st aid, assess/manage multiple situations and call for help with challenges on/offshore.)
  3. Handle threats, primary survey, recovery position with 1 or 2 first aider’s and equipment
  4.  Perform adult CPR, primary survey (C-A-B-C) and first aid equipment
  5.  Handle obstructed airway for adults, primary survey
  6.  Handle bleeding externally, primary survey, and first aid equipment
  7.  Handle bleeding internally, primary survey, and first aid equipment
  8.  Handle shock, primary survey, and first aid equipment
  9.  Handle first aid situations (at least one electrical, and must involve WTG environment)
  10.  Handle first aid situations combined (at least one electrical, and must involve WTG environment)


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