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Fall Protection Rescue

Course Summary

This training provides a general qualification for personnel in the procedures and techniques related to rescue at heights and the necessary equipment to accomplish a safe and efficient operation.

Duration: 4 Hours

Start Time: 11:30 AM


This course is delivered to OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1926.503(a)

Course Code:



Refresh As Needed

NOTE: It is advised that the Fall User course has been completed within 30 days prior to taking Fall Rescue as the Fall Rescue course builds upon knowledge learned from the Fall User course. Due to the physical demands of the course, it is the responsibility of the employer and participant to pre-determine the participant’s ability to safely attend the course.

Fall Protection Training in Houston, Texas

Learning Outcomes


  • Describe OSHA fall rescue and retrieval requirements
  • Explain the methods of hazard analysis and the 15-minute rule
  • Explain fall rescue and retrieval systems
  • Demonstrate the safe donning of fall rescue and retrieval equipment
  • Practice the safe donning of fall protection equipment
  • Practice basic rescue and retrieval techniques

Qualified means one who, by possession of recognized certificate or professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training and experience, has successfully demonstrated his or her ability to solve or resolve problems related to the subject matter (OSHA Subpart C – General Safety and Health Provisions §1926.32).

Additional Important Information


Morning classes start at 07:00 or Afternoon classes start at 11:30 (please check your confirmation for the correct start time). Delegates are requested to arrive 30 minutes prior to commencement for registration and class orientation purposes.


Coffee and water will be provided to all attending delegates. Refreshment breaks will be of 15 minutes duration. Delegates who are attending the Permit Required Confined Space User (Qualified) course the same day will be provided complimentary lunch. Lunch will be a 30-minute break.


Delegates with any special needs including dietary, language or religious, should advise ALL STOP! in advance of attendance to ensure these requirements can be accommodated.


ALL STOP! will provide the safety harness and rescue and retrieval equipment required for this course. Delegates are required to bring steel toe cap shoes.


Delegates are assessed against industry agreed competency standards. Should delegates fail to meet these standards ALL STOP! shall, where possible, provide additional coaching to the delegate with as much of an opportunity as possible to meet those requirements.


Successful delegates shall receive a digital Certificate of which the employer/sponsor will have the option to receive a copy. The delegate’s success will also be recorded on a central training register which is maintained by ALL STOP!


(281) 809-9806