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COVID-19 Awareness


In the wake of the COVID-19 virus, ALL STOP! activated our preparedness plan several weeks ago. We continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation. We’re following guidance from federal, state and local agencies, including the CDC and other health organizations.


What ALL STOP! Is Doing as a minimum:

  • Taking the temperature of each member of staff and every customer on check in every day and if there is an elevated temperature (above 99.4F) or not, we will ask everyone 2 additional questions:
  1. Do you have a sore throat or dry cough (Yes or No)
  2. Do you have any breathing issues (Yes or No)

Should any customer or member of staff not meet any of the minimum thresholds we will ask them to consider seeking medical assistance, re-schedule their class directly with us or the respective training coordinator (ALL STOP! never charges a rescheduling or cancellation fees)

In the event that all staff and customers pass the screen, we will inform everyone in attendance
  • Minimizing our classes to a maximum of 8 students and creating realistic social distance between delegates in the classroom and during practicals
  • Cleaning commonly used areas, including double cleaning equipment, classrooms, desks, tables, chairs, break rooms and restrooms
  • Making available disinfectant wipes, soap, paper towels and Kleenex to our customers
  • Following best practices as recommended by the CDC
  • Encouraging our staff to be vigilant and closely monitor their health and well-being
  • Asking our staff to stay home if they, or someone in their household, are sick

For Our Customers:

  • We encourage our customers to follow the CDC’s suggested hygiene practices .
  • You are most welcome to bring your own sanitizing items, as supplies may become limited.
  • If you are ill, please consider rescheduling the course either by contacting us or your training coordinator (ALL STOP! never charges a rescheduling fee).
  • For the time being, if you are displaying any of the above symptoms and must attend the training, we request that a doctors’ note is obtained stating the nature of the illness is unrelated to COVID-19.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us


(281) 809-9806